Time is right for Broadway Star and Unite applications

MSpraying UNITE on wheataximising timeliness of applications of both graminicides & fungicides is paramount. Broadway Star or Unite offer market-leading control for brome, ryegrass & wild oats, plus robust blackgrass control in the case of Unite,  they do so whilst offering you the greatest flexibility to tank mix fungicides (including chlorothalonil) with this application to best control early diseases.

Stop weeds to save on bought-in feed

Dock plant the ideal size for sprayingGetting rid of broad-leaved perennial weeds like docks will increase grass silage yields and improve its quality, allowing cows to produce more milk from forage, and less from expensive bought-in concentrates, which is helpful in times of lowered milk prices.

“Research shows that a 10% population of docks in a sward results in 10% loss of grass growth, reducing the amount left to cut or graze,” explains Brent Gibbon, grassland agronomy manager for Dow AgroSciences.

“Where docks are present, weed control is a small cost relative to the gain in extra grass and silage produced.”

Control of volunteer potatoes and thistles in sugar beet for over 4 decades

volunteer potatoes in sugar beet 2Forty years ago sugar beet growers could use Dow Shield (clopyralid) for the very first time to control thistles. Further investment saw volunteer potatoes added to the label in 1991. And growers today are still able to use this effective herbicide.

Zypar™ containing Arylex™ Active receives commercial registration in Denmark

Arylex_Vert_RGB_EngAfter the registration of Pixxaro EC™ in Denmark in February, a second product containing the breakthrough ingredient Arylex™Active has been registered in Denmark. Zypar, which also contains Florasulam, has been approved for the control of broad-leaved weeds in winter- wheat, rye and triticale and in spring- barley and wheat.