Control thistles this summer to save time next spring

Creeping thistleThistles have been slow to grow this year, but with many a metre high or more and bursting into flower, now is a good time to tackle them before they set and spread their seed.

Tall, flowering thistles need to be cut down first, as they are too big and not at the right vegetative stage to be sprayed with translocated herbicides.

Then left for three weeks to regrow, the fresh leaves will be big enough to provide the ideal target for a spray.

Dow AgroSciences’ Arylex active makes Scottish debut at Cereals in Practice

Arylex demo at Cereals in PracticeA brand new molecule, Arylex™ active made its debut before Scotland’s arable farmers at the Cereals in Practice event on 5th July at Oldmeldrum, in the form of new product Pixxaro® EC.

Grassland Agronomy Update – July 2016


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