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Arable Update – Is your Grain Store ready for Harvest?


Flour mite

Image courtesy of CSL

Reldan® 22 is a broad-spectrum insecticide for control of insects and mites that infest grain and grain stores and is used as a fabric treatment.

Poor store hygiene can lead to mite and pest attacks of stored grain, which spoil quality  and can lead to 5% – 10% losses, which can have an effect on overall farm profits, or worst case scenario, can lead to complete crop rejection.  “With control measures starting up to one month before harvest, now is the time to plan what action to take and apply Reldan 22. It is the only grain store product that controls mites.  Preventative action is needed before the combines start to roll,” says Peter Waite of Dow AgroSciences.

Tips for Preparing Grain Stores for Harvest

Good grain store hygiene is fundamental to UK growers who want to reduce post-harvest losses.

Up to 10% of grain stored can be lost to mites and insects – a significant figure but one that can be avoided if growers adopt an integrated approach to pest management.

How to Use the Pas·Tor Agronomy Pack