Two new grassland herbicides at Grassland and Muck 2017

Dow AgroSciences will be profiling two new grassland herbicides at Grassland and Muck 2017, and showing farmers how much grass they lose from having broad-leaved weeds like docks, thistles and nettles growing in their fields.


Leystar, designed for new sown leys and maize, controls a very wide range of weeds such as chickweed, bindweed, nightshade, charlock and fat hen, and seedling perennial weeds like docks, buttercups and thistles. It is particularly safe to use on young grass and can be sprayed from when three grass leaves have appeared.

Where buttercups and dandelions dominate, Envy is a new solution. It has a very short stock withdrawal period of seven days and will control other weeds such as plantains, daisies, mayweeds and chickweed.

Grassland Product Range

Dow AgroSciences extended grassland product range on show at Grassland and Muck

Both new products contain florasulam – the first new active ingredient approved for use on grassland in over 12  years.“Farmers can use Grassland and Muck to share their weed problems with our experts,” says our grassland agronomy manager Brent Gibbon.

“It’s not always easy to appreciate how much grass is lost from weed infestations – but our team can tell you how much grass is not being grown and the best way to tackle the weeds present.

“For example, the Dow Grassland APP calculates how many extra sheep or cattle could be grazing, how many more tonnes of silage could be made, or how many extra litres of milk from grass could be produced, if weed infestations were controlled.

“Setting the sprayer up for optimal performance is also vital. We have new advice on spraying herbicides with lower water volumes, and will be sharing how to do this and providing guidance on best practice.”

Visitors to the Dow AgroSciences stand can also test their weed identification skills, see why translocated products work particularly well and take part in the BASIS Knowledge Trail.