Dow AgroSciences Ltd provides UK growers with both well-established and innovative crop protection products, which are all backed by extensive expertise gained in the UK and globally.

Our science has developed brands that have stood the test of time, delivering top class performance for decades. At the same time, we have a commitment to deliver at least one new product in the UK each year – a promise that we have met over the past five years and which we will continue to meet from our on-going investment in research and development.


A global brand with a local commitment

Dow AgroSciences Ltd is a global business providing crop protection, pest management, biotechnology and seed products. We have field research stations in 20 countries, including Britain, developing tailored solutions to national requirements from our international research programmes. The result is new products, new formulations and new packaging all geared to delivering top performance along with a responsible approach to the environment.

In the UK, we are committed to supporting, and often leading, national stewardship campaigns including The Voluntary Initiative, the Campaign for the Farmed Environment and most recently Say NO to Drift – chlorpyrifos.

Our dedicated hotline provides in-depth information to ensure our customers have access to our full knowledge bank, by phone or email. Our commitment is to make our knowledge available to our customers to support their success.

Quite simply, our aim at Dow AgroSciences Ltd is to make Our Science available to underpin Your Success. Judge us and our science by the success you achieve now and in future.