Arable Update – April 2017


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  • Introducing Zypar
  • Pixxaro EC
  • Broadway Star for wild oats and late brome
  • Still a place for Spitfire

Introducing Zypar

ZyparTM, a very wide spectrum broadleaf weed herbicide for both winter and spring cereals, was recently approved and with T0 being applied and T1 planning well underway, we have prepared a number of videos to help you understand and most importantly, get the most from Zypar this spring.

Zypar has a powerful combination of the new active ingredient ARYLEXTM active together with the well-established active ingredient florasulam. Regardless of weather conditions, Zypar sets the industry bench mark for consistent, robust control of your most competitive weeds including cranesbill, mayweed, groundsel, poppy, fumitory, fat hen, charlock, cleavers and chickweed – whatever the weather!

  • Provides broad spectrum weed control irrespective of the weather or weed growth pattern – if you can travel it will work
  • No following crop restrictions
  • No cultivations required before sowing most crops
  • Robust weed control: brassica weeds, chickweed, cleavers, fumitory, fat hen, dead nettle, mayweeds, poppy and cranesbill
  • Excellent multiway compatibility including: ACCase graminicides, ALS graminicides, PGRs Fungicides and trace elements

View more Zypar vidoes here

For flexible broad-leaved weed control, choose Zypar this spring.

Pixxaro EC

PixxaroTM applications are underway across the country – delivering great control of cleavers, cranesbill, fumitory and poppy.

Mixing with ½ rate SU is common in situations with significant weed pressure.

In areas where big residual stacks have been used, cleavers and cranesbill seem to be the only weeds coming through and 0.375 L/ha Pixxaro + adjuvant will control these weeds and many others.

Plan also for Pixxaro in spring cereals, again depending on spectrum, 0.375 L/ha + ½ rate SU will be a great mix or where residuals have been effective, using 0.5-0.375 L/ha + adjuvant will pick up the weeds that come through. Pixxaro can also be mixed with Axial with no restrictions on rate.

Find out more about Pixxaro EC

Broadway Star for wild oats and late brome

In late sown winter wheat and also where growers are moving away from Atlantis, there is a great opportunity to use Broadway® Star for control of wild oats and late brome (often meadow bromes).

  • Apply up to GS32 of wild oats (and GS32 of the Winter Wheat)
  • Superb control of broad-leaved weeds including cranesbill and cleavers
  • Controls ACCase resistant oats
  • Extensive tank mix compatibility
    • T0 and T1 fungicides now including Rotam’s Toledo fungicide
    • ½ rate chlormequat
  • Excellent for following crops
    • Catch/cover crops
    • Following crops – ideal before OSR as no reduction in vigour

 Find out more about Broadway Star

Still a place for Spitfire

If your weed pressure is restricted to cleavers, mayweeds, brassica weeds and groundsel, Spitfire® offers a reliable, robust and flexible way to control this spectrum of weeds in winter and spring cereals including oats.

 Find out more about Spitfire




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Broadway Star contains florasulam and pyroxsulam
Pixxaro EC contains halauxifen-methyl (Arylex active) and fluroxypyr
Spitfire contains fluroxypyr and florasulam
Zypar contains halauxifen-methyl (Arylex active) and florasulam

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