Arable Update – January 2018

In this Edition:

  • Brome/Ryegrass/Oats in your winter wheat?  Broadway Star – be ready to get on!
  • New Approval: Broadway Star for Spring Wheat
  • Try Arylex products for broad-leaved weed control in cereals in 2018!
  • Control those volunteer beans!
  • Oilseed Rape – Spring 2018
  • Oilseed Rape – Autumn 2018

Brome/Ryegrass/Oats in your winter wheat? Broadway Star – be ready to get on!

The autumn of 2017 was characterised by average temperatures similar to the 30 year mean, although that does hide some serious variability – in one 24 hour period in mid-December we had temperatures from -4˚C to +9˚C!

Autumn 2017 temperatures similar to the 30 year average. Note no temperature or rainfall data for December 2017. Data source: Met Office.

In many regions, drilling was later than usual – an important component in the battle against grass weeds. Timely applications of residual herbicides such as flufencet and pendimethalin were made and, in general, to good seedbeds with adequate moisture levels.

Based on trials over a number of years we know that residual herbicides alone do not give satisfactory control of brome and ryegrass and best control is always achieved by using a programme of residual followed by a contact acting herbicides such as Broadway™ Star (ideally with a residual partner).

As mentioned in previous Arable Updates, we strongly advocate early applications of Broadway Star to control grass weeds when they are small. The other key feature in optimising timing of applications is when there is active growth of weeds – this does not mean t-shirt weather but 2-3 days either side of the application with soil temperatures above 6˚C.

These two requirements can seem contradictory, however, based on previous years weather data, there are often a number of spray windows in February and by March suitable temperatures are commonplace.

The key message is be ready to go when conditions allow!

New Approval: Broadway Star for Spring Wheat

We are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved label approval of Broadway Star on all varieties of spring wheat. This offers growers a product to control a wide range of broad-leaved weeds in this increasingly common crop.  As well as controlling broad-leaved weeds, Dow AgroSciences also support the control of wild oats up to GS23.

The rate of application to spring wheat is 200g Broadway Star/ha + adjuvant (the rate for winter wheat is 265 g/ha). Currently we are not supporting application with a tank mix with other crop protection products – we will have trials in 2018 to establish a tank mix list.

For more information see: Broadway Star Spring Wheat

Drilling Spring wheat – significant increase in area in 2017


Try Arylex products for broad-leaved weed control in cereals in 2018!

2018 will be the third season that Arylex™ has been available to growers (Pixxaro™ launched 2016, Zypar™ launched 2017).  Feedback from users so far has been positive and the reasons for using these new products are as follows:

  1. Reliable and rapid control, whatever the weather
  2. Flexible timing of application (GS13-45)
  3. No carry over concerns/rotational flexibility
  4. Tank mix compatibility
  5. Control of challenging weeds such as cranesbill and fumitory
  6. Control of herbicide resistant weeds

Zypar can be applied from GS13 and Pixxaro from GS13 1st February in winter wheat and barley and 1st March in spring wheat and barley. Our trials this year have clearly shown the yield advantage of controlling weeds at an early timing compared to a late timing so, as with Broadway Star, being ready to spray is key!

For more information click the links: ZyparPixxaroArylex

Broad-leaved weeds emerging in Winter Barley

Control those volunteer beans!

Where not yet controlled, treating volunteer beans should be a priority for treatment when sprayers can travel.

Spitfire™ and Zypar offer outstanding bean control with benefits!

  • No DFF – keeps things simple for following crops)
  • A reducible buffer zone (LERAP B).
  • Fully supported tank mixes with residual herbicides, insecticides and trace elements.
  • Wide weed spectrum including groundsel, cleavers, mayweeds and volunteer oilseed rape

Based on our trials work, recommendations for volunteer bean control are:

  • Spitfire 0.5 L/ha + adjuvant – Beans at 4 true leaf (2 pairs)
  • Spitfire 0.75 L/ha + adjuvant – Beans at 6 true leaf (3 pairs)
  • Zypar 0.5L/ha + adjuvant – Beans at 8 true leaf (4 pairs).

For more information see: Volunteer Control topic sheet

Ideal timing for Spitfire at 0.75 L/ha + adjuvant

Oilseed Rape – Spring 2018

With very good establishment conditions last autumn and reduced pest pressure, OSR crops across the country have great potential going into the spring.

Remember any outstanding Kerb™ Flo 500 and AstroKerb applications have to be completed by the end of January.

Galera Timing

February can be a busy month chasing pigeons and planning the first fertiliser applications to the crop. Where cleavers, mayweed and thistles are a problem in your Oilseed Rape, order your Galera™ in plenty of time. Galera can be applied from the 1st of March up to until before flower buds are visible above the crop canopy. Applied at 0.35 l/ha, Galera will give excellent control of mayweeds, creeping thistles and sowthistles and good control of cleavers. The Galera following crop label restrictions have now been amended. The label statement now reads; the following restrictions on following crops must be observed Wheat, Barley, Oats, Maize, OSR 4 Months [120 days].  All other crops 12 months [1 year].


Oilseed Rape – Autumn 2018

We are preparing to launch a totally new broad-leaved weed herbicide in OSR this autumn.

Code named GF-3447, it is a post emergence autumn applied herbicide for use in winter Oilseed Rape from September through to December. The product provides superior control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds including cranesbill, cleavers, poppy, shepherds purse, and fumitory.

Look out for details about the launch later this spring and talk to your agronomist about this new product, agronomists have been invited to view demonstration trials this winter / spring.

The new alternative to many pre-emergence / early post-emergence herbicide options. Wait until your crop has established before spending money on broad-leaved weed control.

If you require any further information please contact our Technical Hotline on 0800 689 8899 or your local
Dow AgroSciences representative.

Use plant protection products safely.  Always read the label and product information before use.
Pay attention to the Risk Indication and follow the Safety Precautions on the label.

™  Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.
All other brand names are trademarks of other manufacturers for which proprietary rights may exist.

Astrokerb contains propyzamide and aminopyralid
Broadway Star contains pyroxsulam and florasulam
Galera contains clopyralid and picloram
Kerb Flo 500 cotnains propyzamide
Pixxaro contains halauxifen-methyl (Arylex active) and fluroxypyr
Spitfire contains fluroxypyr and florasulam
Zypar contains halauxifen-methyl (Arylex active) and florasulam

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