Arable Update – May 2017

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  • Spring weather …
  • Tee up your T2s: Cleaver priority
  • Weed control in spring cereals
  • Dow Shield 400 controlling weeds in sugar beet

Spring weather …

Challenging is the best description of the weather so far this year! Nothing biblical, but April was largely dry with very variable temperatures (see below graph for Cambridgeshire). Looking over the longer term the frequency of dry springs and variable temperatures is increasing and this presents challenges, particularly for older weed control products. Phenoxy based chemistry e.g. MCPA, SU chemistry e.g. Ally Max, and fluroxypyr e.g. Starane 2, can struggle in cold/variable conditions. Thankfully our new ArylexTM Active based range of products, Pixxaro™ EC and Zypar™, are not affected in the same way, and at the same time offer great crop safety and tank mix flexibility – giving you peace of mind whatever the British weather throws at us!


Tee up your T2s: Cleaver priority

Cleavers remain top of the priority list when it comes to growers’ opinions on key weeds in winter and spring cereals (see CPM survey). The cleavers ability to rob yield and hinder harvesting requires a zero tolerance approach.

Extensive research conducted by Dow AgroSciences shows the yield increase (over 5t/ha) and economic benefit of controlling cleavers (margin over input cost of over £300/ha).

The impact of cleavers on yield of winter wheat based on three years of replicated trials. Wheat price £140/t, cost of control £18/ha

For winter cereals with cleavers Pixxaro EC and Zypar deliver faster and more reliable levels of control than Starane and can be used at reduced rates for cleavers (0.25L/ha Pixxaro and 0.6L/ha Zypar), and will pick up other late germinating weeds such as black bindweed, fumitory and fat hen. Both products can be used up to GS45 and have excellent tank mix compatibility with T2 fungicides.

Cleavers in winter wheat 2 days after treatment with Zypar (Cambridgeshire)


Weed control in spring cereals

Zypar and Pixxaro offer a great weed control solution in spring cereals for many reasons

  1. Control of key weeds including chickweed, bindweed, fat hen, fumitory and poppy despite tough conditions and also control of ALS resistant poppy and chickweed
  2. No carry over concerns – the unique combination of actives mean you can follow with sensitive crops without the worry of carry over
  3. Outstanding crop safety in spring barley, wheat and rye
  4. Fully supported and mix compatibility with other inputs including Axial, fungicides, PGRs and trace elements. Click here for Zypar Tank Mix information.  Click here for Pixxaro Tank Mix information.

We have produced 2 new technical information sheets giving more guidance on using these newly introduced products based on Arylex Active.

Zypar in Spring Cereals Tech Sheet

Pixxaro EC in Spring Cereals Tech Sheet

Dow Shield 400 controlling weeds in sugar beet

The recent cool and dry conditions mean that sugar beet is establishing slowly. Patchy results from pre and early post emergence weed control programmes are being reported due to the dry weather, and crops could be vulnerable to weed competition. Including a low dose of Dow Shield® 400 with the next herbicide pass can boost activity on groundsel, black bindweed, mayweed and thistles (check partner product compatibility).

When the weather warms up and soil moisture levels have returned to normal, thistle and volunteer potatoes will increase their biomass significantly, blocking sunlight and robbing moisture from struggling sugar beet crops. One tall weed per m2 can cost 11% yield of a competitive sugar beet crop*. Start controlling these weeds now with a programmed approach that includes Dow Shield 400 to avoid costly yield penalties.

For more information click here.

Order your Dow Shield 400 today to protect your sugar beet crop yield, and remember Dow Shield 400 has full label recommendations for 19 different crops including linseed , forage maize, bulb onions and over 45 EAMU’s including crops grown for game cover, asparagus, garlic and kale.

Photographs taken 8th May 2017 Cambridgeshire

*BBRO Sugar Beet reference book 2016

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Dow Shield 400 contains clopyralid
Pixxaro EC contains halauxifen-methyl (ArylexTM active) and fluroxypyr
Starane 2 contains fluroxypyr
Zypar contains halauxifen-methyl (Arylex active) and florasulam

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