AstroKerb and Straw Reminder

harvester in OSRWith the potential lack of forage and bedding straw for the coming winter some farmers are baling oilseed rape straw or are being asked by livestock producers to bale oilseed rape straw. A quick reminder putting some context behind the label statements for herbicides containing aminopyralid such as ASTROKerb®

  • The label of any agrochemical is a legal document (that’s ALL of it, not just the “Important Information” box)
  • The Label for ASTROKerb states:
    • DO NOT remove oilseed rape straw from the field unless it is to be used for burning for heat or electricity production
    • DO NOT feed animals with treated oilseed rape straw
    • DO NOT use oilseed rape straw for animal bedding
    • DO NOT use oilseed rape straw for composting or mulching
    • If animals are inadvertently fed or bedded on oilseed rape straw treated with ASTROKerb, do not use animal waste for composting.
  • Aminopyralid (one of the active ingredients in ASTROKerb and Forefront T®) is bound very tightly to the cellulose of the plant material (i.e. the straw).
  • Aminopyralid is released from the straw and then broken down, but only when it comes into contact with soil dwelling microorganisms when the straw is spread and mixed with the soil.
  • The risk of using the straw for feeding and bedding animals is that the aminopyralid will remain in their muck and straw until that muck and straw is spread on a field. When the muck is spread and mixed with soil the aminopyralid is released and then broken down. During this process this could cause crop damage if a susceptible crop such as potatoes is planted.