Autumn dock control

docksAutumn is a good time to control established docks, which having deep roots, survived the dry summer and are now looking very healthy.

“Most dock control is done in the spring, but there is no real weed science behind this,” says Mr. Bailey, principal biologist for Corteva Agriscience™ . “It is good to get this job done now, possibly at a quieter time of the year. Also the grass will have more time to re-colonise the gaps left by the dying weeds before spring.

DoxstarPro® will work effectively but needs two to three weeks before the first frost to achieve maximum effect. Forefront® T is another option. This can be used on fields grazed by cattle and sheep, and also applied after the last silage/hay cut is taken. But bear in mind that if silage or hay is produced from this field the following year, the forage must stay on the farm, along with any manure from animals that have eaten it.”