Docks Away!

A 15ha (36 acre) weed-infested grass field on Ministry Farm, Ulnes-Walton near Leyland, Lancashire, has been transformed after one application of the broad-spectrum, translocated herbicide Forefront® T. It was sprayed by a contractor on the first May Bank Holiday last year.

dock infested grassland weed free grassland 1 yr after treatment

It’s not too late to spray docks in grass

bad_grazingNow is a good time to spray perennial grassland weeds such as docks and thistles with a translocated herbicide, as the plants are starting to send nutrients down to their roots ready for winter, according to Brent Gibbon, grassland agronomy manager with Dow AgroSciences

The month in Photos: July 2015



Clockwise from top left:  oilseed rape, forage maize growing tall, peas, barley, barley straw, combines rolling in barley, oilseed rape being harvested, skyfall winter wheat.




Mites – the commonest pest of stored grain – need controlling too

Poor store hygiene can lead to significant mite and pest attacks of stored grain, which can spoil quality, can be responsible for between 5% and 10% loss of yield orCosmopolitan food mite even lead to complete rejection. With harvest not so far away and with control measures starting up to one month before harvest, now is the time to plan what action you are going to take. Growers need to maintain grain quality and yield in store so that they make as much profit as they can, even though prices are not as buoyant as they have been, says Peter Waite of Dow AgroSciences.

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