Timing extension to the EAMU for Dow Shield 400 in game cover crops

Game coverGame cover crops don’t just happen, but need careful managing, with weed control being an essential part of this management. Dow AgroSciences has responded to queries on their Hotline last year and have now got an extended timing application for the Extension of Authorisation for Minor Uses (EAMU) for the use of the herbicide Dow Shield 400 in crops grown for game cover.

Spring cereals call for broad-leaved weed action plan

Spring cerealGetting on top of broad-leaved weed control, without increasing the risk of resistance to sulphonyl urea (SU) herbicides is the challenge faced by Northern and Scottish spring cereals growers this season.

Splosh for dosh! Weed control in sugar beet

thistles and potatoes in sugar beetWith the downward pricing trend of sugar beet, growers need to focus on doing what is absolutely necessary, but with the main focus of getting as much tonnage off the field as possible. Sugar beet develops slowly and is a very uncompetitive crop early on, allowing weeds to flourish and compete. Weeds with a high biomass, such as volunteer potatoes and thistles, will impede crop growth and shade the canopy, blocking out sunlight and having a significantly detrimental effect on yield. Other sugar beet crops have more straight forward and physically smaller weed problems such as polygonums and mayweeds, which will need controlling, too.

Spring cereals call for broad-leaved weed action plan

wheat tilleringAn increase in spring cereal production across much of the UK’s arable heartlands calls for a planned approach to broad-leaved weed control –to prevent yield loss and reduce resistance pressure on ALS herbicides, says Dow AgroSciences.

Treat your spring weed flush to protect yields

spraying_winter_cereals_smlMost autumn-drilled winter wheat crops in northern England and Scotland are growing away well but where wild oats and broad-leaved weeds pose a threat there is still time to control them, says Dow AgroSciences.