Action plan needed for Blackgrass

Blackgrass in wheatContinuing with current practices to fight the growing threat of blackgrass in winter wheat is not a solution, says Dow AgroSciences Stuart Jackson; farmers need a comprehensive action plan for autumn 2014.

The action plan, which should be developed as soon as possible, begins by reviewing crop rotation.

Beating Blackgrass?

Combatting blackgrass requires a mix of approaches tailored to each field across the rotation. No herbicide alone is enough.

Beating Blackgrass diagram no bradning

Still chance to spray persistent weeds in grassland

Docks are more visible now in grassland

Docks are more visible now in grassland

Perennial weeds like docks and thistles are more visible than usual in grass fields at the moment. Dry conditions have slowed down grass growth, but the deeper-rooted weeds are still reaching water and thriving.

Good opportunity to spray dock regrowth between cuts