New Anglia regional manager for Dow AgroSciences

Peter Waite_lowresExperienced crop protection manager Peter Waite has joined Dow AgroSciences as Regional Business Manager for the South Anglia region, covering Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and parts of Buckinghamshire, bringing a wealth of local and sector knowledge to the company’s sales team.

Biologist boost for Dow AgroSciences customer service team

Nicola Perry_lowresBiologist Dr Nicola Perry has joined the Dow AgroSciences Customer Focus Team as Technical Services Specialist, focussing on sales support including marketing, communication, public relations and technical support plans.

Can Galera be used for broad-leaved weed control in oilseed rape this autumn?

Growers have been asking the Dow AgroSciences’ Hotline whether the herbicide Galera® (clopyralid + picloram) can be used this autumn where broad-leaved weeds have grown through pre-emergence herbicides which were applied during the very dry September. Sarah Hurry of Dow AgroSciences advises them that the answer is Yes. “Existing stock of Galera sold under the previous approval (MAPP No 11961) can be used this autumn or in the spring. It needs to be used by the 30 September 2015. So it is quite OK to use Galera now.”

Open fire on volunteer oilseed rape in winter cereals, says Dow

Vol rape in w barleyWith dry conditions reducing pre-emergence herbicide activity this autumn, volunteer oilseed rape is becoming a major headache for cereal growers and it is time to fight back, say Dow AgroSciences.

“Our technical hotline has received several calls from customers experiencing unexpected levels of volunteer rape in autumn-drilled cereal crops,” says Stuart Jackson, Dow AgroSciences herbicide specialist.

Agronomy Update – 21 October 2014

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