The Month in Photos – November 2015

Month in Photos - Nov15

Clockwise from top left: Rushes in grassland, field trials at Wellesbourne, winter beans, oilseed rape trials, volunteer beans in wheat, tramline in wheat, oilseed rape.

Grassweed Control – virtual tour – autumn update

Join Roger Moore for a seasonal update as he revisits the Dow AgroSciences’ large scale rotational trial.

Grandfather rights and grassland sprays

After 26th November 2015, all sprayer operators applying professional use pesticides will need to have a Specified Certificate, previously known as a Certificate of Competence.100_0984

Arylex active – a new broad-leaved herbicide active ingredient

Arylex™ active is an exciting, new broad-leaved herbicide active ingredient for cereals.

  • The first active from a new family of chemistry
  • Broad spectrum, post emergence control of broad-leaved weeds
  • Consistent weed control in variable climatic conditions
  • Rapid degradation in soil and straw
  • Excellent rotational cropping profile without the need for any specific cultivations prior to sowing rotational crops
  • Low use rate technology (6g – 10g)
  • Favorable toxicological and ecological profile


Prevent volunteer beans making gappy crops

Beans can quickly shade wheat and grass weeds

Clumps of volunteer beans are threatening crop establishment and good grassweed control in autumn-sown cereals, warns Dow AgroSciences cereals herbicide expert Stuart Jackson.

Mr Jackson says: “We’ve noticed a marked increase in volunteers this autumn, which isn’t surprising considering the increased area of beans sown last season. Beans pose a double threat – not only do they shade grassweeds from contact herbicides, but larger clumps can reduce establishment leading to gappy crops.”