Spring cereals call for broad-leaved weed action plan

wheat tilleringAn increase in spring cereal production across much of the UK’s arable heartlands calls for a planned approach to broad-leaved weed control –to prevent yield loss and reduce resistance pressure on ALS herbicides, says Dow AgroSciences.

Treat your spring weed flush to protect yields

spraying_winter_cereals_smlMost autumn-drilled winter wheat crops in northern England and Scotland are growing away well but where wild oats and broad-leaved weeds pose a threat there is still time to control them, says Dow AgroSciences.

Spray docks in silage crops now

The best time to tackle dock infestations in silage crops is before first cut according to Andy Bailey, grassland agronomy specialist for Dow AgroSciences.Docks PR

Grassland Weed APP – Coming Soon!

Introducing the new Dow AgroSciences’ Grassland Weed App.

An easy to use tool to help get a fix on cost of weeds in grassland and identify solutions for their removal.TP20868 Grassland Weed promo graphic

The app will be FREE and will be ready Mid April to download on iPhone/iPad and Android.


Agronomy Update – 30 March 2015

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Leatherjackets and spring drillings

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