Chickweed in grassland

Chickweed in grasslandChickweed is a weed which can quickly grow and smother a young ley or established grassland – particularly where slurry injection is taking place.

It is currently warm during the day but cooler at night. Weeds are growing but selecting the right solution is important.

Envy™ , a new solution from Dow AgroSciences containing the new grassland active ingredient florasulam, is a better solution than straight fluroxypyr because:

• It works better where there is cooler and large diurnal temperature fluctuations
• It controls mouse eared chickweed
• If you use 300 g ai fluroxypyr (1.5 L/ha of e.g. Minstrel, GalGone or Hurler) on chickweed then 1.0 L of Envy will give the same effect
• Envy controls additional weeds namely buttercups and mayweeds

Envy is in store and available to order now
It comes in a 3 litre pack

Other points:
• Stock withdrawal period is 7 days
• You can stitch in clover 3 months later