Dow AgroSciences’ Arylex active makes Scottish debut at Cereals in Practice

Arylex demo at Cereals in PracticeA brand new molecule, Arylex™ active made its debut before Scotland’s arable farmers at the Cereals in Practice event on 5th July at Oldmeldrum, in the form of new product Pixxaro® EC.

Arylex active is the first molecule to be introduced for broad-leaved weed control into the UK for many years. It offers rapid, dependable weed control across the spraying season, almost regardless of the weather.

Arylex active quickly passed new, stricter EU regulations because of its outstanding profile for crop, environment and operator safety as a result of low use rates combined with rapid degradation in soil and plant tissues.

“Arylex cuts through the traditional limitations associated with other synthetic auxins,” explains Dow AgroSciences’ cereals herbicide specialist Stuart Jackson.

“It works in cold and warm weather and it works when weeds are growing fast, slow, or in a stop-start fashion, conditions that Scottish cereal growers will know well.”

Some of Dow’s trial plots at the Cereals in Practice site had been treated with Pixxaro EC, which is just the first of many products from the Arylex stable to simplify broad-leaved weed control.

Pixxaro EC contains both Arylex and fluroxypyr, the tried and tested ingredient in Spitfire® and Starane® products. The combination tackles key weeds such as fumitory, chickweed, poppy, fat hen, knotgrass and cleavers in winter and spring cereals.

“Quite simply, Arylex active in Pixxaro EC redefines what a true broad-spectrum weed control product can achieve,” says Mr Jackson. “At a time when broad-leaved weed herbicides – such as HBNs – are being withdrawn we are excited to be bringing a new active ingredient into the UK.”

Robust efficacy is delivered throughout the whole application window which can start as early as 1 February or at growth stage (GS) 13, running up to GS45 (second node visible) in winter-sown crops. For spring cereals, applications commence from 1 March.

In trials, Pixxaro EC has outperformed sulfonyl-urea products against chickweed, fumitory, dead-nettle, fat hen, cleavers and volunteer beans.

“Pixxaro EC will set new standards for flexibility and reliability,” Mr Jackson adds.

“With no ALS chemistry in the product, there are no restrictions on tank mixing or sequencing and no major following crop restrictions.”

Recommended application rate is 0.5 litre/ha plus an adjuvant in 100-200L/ha of water using a medium spray quality through a range of nozzle types.

Excellent multi-way compatibility allows the product to be used with a wide range of graminicides and fungicides to reduce the busy spring workload.

“Uses for Arylex active are being developed in a range of crops worldwide,” says Mr Jackson.

“In other countries, users of this new active ingredient have seen new standards set for control and UK growers who have tried the product this spring have seen a real difference compared to previous standard products.”