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Make sure you Get Dow Know How. For years, Dow AgroSciences has been at the forefront of innovative crop protection solutions and the next few years are an exciting time for British agriculture with the launch of three active ingredients, all with unique and brand new product solutions. With a wide range of products comes a wealth of information to ensure those that use our products will get the most out of them.

Arylex™ Active: For broadleaf weed control, currently available in cereals and in 2018 in OSR.

Isoclast™ Active: A new insecticide for control of sap-feeding insets and pests.

Inatreq™ Active: A fungicide for winter wheat with a brand new target site.

Weed, pest and disease control
Got a weed problem but not sure which product solution you need? Click here and you will find the range weeds Dow has solutions for, just select the one you want to control we will show you the best product for your problem.

Kerb Weather Data service
Using KerbFlo™ 500 or ASTROKerb™? Come October, use our weather data service to make sure it’s the optimal timing to ensure the most effective blackgrass control in your oilseed rape. Add the link to your favourites.

Topic Sheets

Possibly some of the most useful information on our website, here you can find a wealth of advice on everything from autumn grassland weed control to cereal herbicides, ALS sequences and aquatic buffer zones. To find out more go our topic sheets.

Our video library
Grab a cup of coffee and have a look through our video library. You will find a whole host of videos on our products, their usage, testimonials and information to help you get the best from our products.

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