Global Arylex website launched

You can find more information about ArylexTM active on our global websiteArylex Global Website

Arylex active is a new herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds with utility in multiple crops. Arylex is an innovative low-dose growth regulator herbicide for use in mixtures with other Dow AgroSciences proprietary herbicides creating a wide spectrum of products customized for specific geographies.

Discovered by and proprietary to Dow AgroSciences, Arylex is the first member of a new structural class of synthetic auxin herbicides. Postemergence use rates in cereals will typically range from 5 – 10 grams ae/hectare depending upon target weed species and geography. The auxinic mode of action of Arylex will be effective in managing weed biotypes resistant to other modes of action such as ALS inhibitor herbicides, glyphosate and triazine herbicides.

Product concepts containing Arylex are being evaluated across the globe in all major cereal markets. Arylex will provide growers with a powerful, low-dose herbicide with a desirable environmental profile.

Arylex Key Attributes
– Effective post-emergence control of many common and economically damaging broadleaf weeds in cereals and other crops.
– Consistent weed control across variable climatic conditions (cold and dry conditions) allows for flexibility of application.
– Low use rates resulting in low environmental load of the herbicide.
– Alternative mode of action to help manage resistant weed biotypes.
– Rapid degradation in soil and plant tissues allowing for crop rotation flexibility.
– Favorable environmental and toxicological profile.