Grandfather rights and grassland sprays

After 26th November 2015, all sprayer operators applying professional use pesticides will need to have a Specified Certificate, previously known as a Certificate of Competence.

If you previously sprayed under the ‘grandfather rights’ exemption, then you need to:100_0984

  • Take the Level 2 award in the safe use of pesticides replacing grandfather rights
  • Or take the existing Level 2 safe use of pesticides (PA) certificate.

Options if you don’t take the qualifications:

  • You could hand over the spraying to perhaps a family member or employee who has got the correct qualifications.
  • Or you could use a qualified spray contractor.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be certified to purchase plant protection products after 26th November 2015?
You do not need to be certified to purchase professional plant protection products, but if you are going to be applying the products yourself, then you will need to have suitable qualifications.
If you are buying them for someone else to use, then you need to ensure that the intended end user is qualified.

I am a livestock farmer, and only occasionally use pesticides, do I need to be qualified after 26th November 2015?
Yes, the new legislation applies to all users of professional pesticides.

Do I need to be qualified to spray Grazon Pro using a knapsack on my own farm?
Yes, after 26th November, you will need to have a recognised certificate of competence to use Grazon Pro

Do I need to be qualified to spray Doxstar Pro, PastorPro, Thistlex or Forefront T?
Yes, these are all professional use products, and after 26th November 2015 will need to be applied by an operator who has suitable qualifications.

Who runs training courses for certificates of competence?
Specified certificates, previously known as certificates of competence are issued by City and Guilds Land Based Services. See for further details, or contact your local agricultural college.

I already have an existing PA certificate, will it still be valid?
Existing certificates of competence in the safe use of pesticides will continue to be recognised under the new legislation.

Sprayer testing

Mechanised, trailed or mounted spray application equipment, and boom sprayers over 3 meters over five years old must be inspected once by 26th November 2016. Boom sprayers under 3 meters will be tested at a maximum interval of 6 years.  Knapsack sprayers and hand-held application equipment are exempt from the inspection scheme, although should be regularly checked on a voluntary basis.