Agronomy Support

Providing Information for UK Growers

Dow AgroSciences have decades of rotational research and expertise in both cereal and oilseed rape herbicides. With growers facing many challenges in the battle against weed control, we have a wealth of knowledge to support this fight.

Arylex™ Active is an new innovative class of chemistry available to UK growers in the form of Pixxaro with many other products in the pipeline. These products have been developed to ensure growers have greater flexibility for their broad-leaved weed herbicides. While this is technology rooted in strong R&D development, it should not be totally relied upon for broad-leaved weed control. All aspects of agronomy should be considered, whether that is rotation, cultivation methods or variety choice, in order to get broad-leaved and grass weeds under control and to ensure yields are consistently maximised.

The following pages and our innovative product portfolio can help you achieve effective weed control by understanding specific opportunities in each crop across the whole rotation, all tailored to the conditions presented by specific seasons.

If you have specific questions on any of our products, please contact our Technical Hotline: or 0800 689 8899 who will be able to help you.