Herbicide Selection


Herbicide selection, use and application all demand care to preserve the armoury of weed control products. As resistance becomes an increasing threat to effective weed control it is important to use ingredients with different modes of action and to follow the Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG) guidelines.

Observing stewardship rules and using the right nozzles to avoid drift etc, are all as important as choosing the right active ingredient. Correct timing linked to weed size and weather conditions is essential for good results. When using soil acting herbicides consider seed bed quality to ensure good activity by these products.

Herbicide Selection: Current Best Practice

Do not cut corners as this could well be the reason for the increase in herbicide resistance. Select the most appropriate chemical for the task and not simply the one that has been left in the store. Ensure that all your target weeds have been identified correctly. Use the appropriate rate of active chemical and ensure that the tank mixes are approved. Apply with the appropriate nozzles, water volume and quality and ensure sprayers are fully calibrated and a suitable forward speed is selected.

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