Choosing a Variety


Choosing a variety should always be based on meeting market needs. However, studying the Recommended List in detail can bring benefits. Late drilled varieties give the option of first spraying off any weeds that have germinated, and early maturing varieties enable you to harvest earlier. If a particular disease is a threat in your area, then look for the variety that offers the best resistance to that disease.

Choosing a Variety: Current Best Practice

Whilst your choice of variety will naturally depend on a multitude of factors such as yield, quality and disease resistance you should also consider the crops role in weed control for that field. The importance of this will depend upon the current weedbank and weed populations, together with the level of herbicide resistance that is present. Recent research is showing that a more vigorous variety combined with higher seed rates will provide stronger competition to weed development and growth. Depending upon the following crop an earlier maturing variety will allow you to more fully ‘clean’ the field with cultural and chemical methods – allowing the weeds to fully chit before early cultivations or applying a glyphosate or similar non-selective herbicide that weeds have no resistance against.

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