Weed Control


Weeds rob potential yield by competing with the growing crop and threaten future crops if high levels of seed return occur at harvest. However, the effects of weeds vary. Not all pose the same threat and the focus should be on the weeds that threaten yield. Herbicide resistance is an increasing problem in the UK. Knowing the resistant status of your weeds is essential to inform your weed control strategy. Consider combine/baler hygiene/order of harvest to avoid spreading weed seeds (particularly resistant) to other fields.

Weed Control: Current Best Practice

Accurate weed identification is vital. Whilst diligent agronomists will walk as much of the fields as possible no one will see more than the sprayer operator. One key initiative for all farmers is to train spray operators to accurately identify weeds and record where they are. This information is invaluable for planning and delivering weed control strategies. For example some reported resistant blackgrass is in fact other resistant weeds.

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