No time to lose in broad-leaved weed battle

Cereal growers must leap in to action to tackle broad-leaved weeds as soon as the weather allows, says DowDuPont.

Freezing temperatures, snow and heavy rain have combined to wipe out the early application window and the pressure on the sprayer is being ramped up.

“Taking out the key yield robbers early gives them less time to compete with the crop,” said cereal herbicide product manager Dr Alex Nichols.

“Growers have all but lost that early opportunity, so our advice is get product in the store and be ready to go.”

Dr Nichols advises using reliable and mixable products which will do a dependable job in a time-efficient tank mix.

Zypar contains Arylex Active which performs in cold and variable conditions and has outstanding control of cleavers, poppies, cranesbill, fumitory, fat hen, chickweed, brassicas and mayweeds,” Dr Nichols said.

“It is the perfect option for growers playing catch up this spring.”

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