Kerb Postcode Checker

Temperature and soil moisture are critical to getting the best performance from Dow AgroSciences’ two leading oilseed rape herbicides – Kerb® Flo 500 and ASTROKerb®.  The Dow AgroSciences’ postcode checker as seen here is an online tool that will help decide when it is time to spray. It could not be simpler, type in your postcode and the result appears as a traffic light: Red means wait, Amber means get ready and Green means consider going. Be aware heavy rain in the forecast or wind may also limit application window. It is rare that you will get a green light before November, but as both products can be used up to January 31st, there is no rush.

Follow these guidelines to get top results:

  • Performance is best where crops have been established using min-til techniques.
  • Applications should be made to firm, moist soils with a fine tilth.
  • Best applied when soil temperatures have got down to 10oC at 30 cm and falling and there is sufficient moisture in the soil for plant uptake.  Please note the soil temperature in the postcode search is 10 cm and will be more variable than at 30 cm so occasionally especially in October, there may be a temporary green light early/late in the day before conditions warm up again later. Check back later.
  • Increased rates should be used where blackgrass resistance has been confirmed.
  • Strategic use is recommended in tank mix or sequence with graminicides.  In difficult blackgrass situations adding a “dim” with good blackgrass activity to the Kerb Flo 500 or ASTROKerb nearly always improves control. Alternatively, independent trials have proven how effective a programme of clethodim followed by Kerb Flo or ASTROKerb can be in controlling high levels of blackgrass in oilseed rape crops.  Applications of clethodim should be made in October followed, at least 14 days later, by Kerb Flo 500 or ASTROKerb in November.

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Good Stewardship
Also critical is to follow the stewardship guidelines from The Voluntary initiative to avoid oilseed rape herbicides entering water courses. In particular do not apply to soils where drains are running nor when rainfall is forecast within 48 hours.

Kerb Flo 500 and ASTROKerb may be applied in frosty conditions but avoid application onto frozen ground where subsequent rainfall could result in run-off into watercourses.

More information on water stewardship can be found on the Voluntary initiative Website.