Dow AgroSciences manufacture many products approved for use in non-food crops of amenity ornamentals, forestry, industrial vegetation management, production ornamentals and turf.

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TORDON 22K and TIMBREL Regulatory Position Update

We have now been issued with the withdrawal notice for TORDON® 22K and TIMBREL® from CRD. This means that the following dates will come into effect -

  • Sales of TORDON 22K through the trade – to continue until 30th June 2014. Final use up date for any stocks with end users – to continue until 30th June 2015.
  • Sales of TIMBREL through the trade – to continue until 30th November 2013.  Final use up date for any stocks with end users – to continue until 30th November 2014.

These dates also apply to all of the parallel import registrations of the TORDON 22K and TIMBREL formulations.

ICADE – a brand new option for controlling invasive and tough woody weeds

It is not often that a manufacturer can shout about investing and bringing new technology to the industrial weeds market, but we are delighted to announce the launch of ICADE® – a brand new herbicide to control the UK’s toughest and most invasive weeds. Containing triclopyr and aminopyralid, ICADE brings a whole range of benefits over existing products when it comes to controlling problem weeds such as: brambles, hogweed, buddleia, gorse and Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese knotweed treated with Icade

Japanese knotweed treated with Icade

“ICADE offers real benefits in the marketplace,” explains Mr Robin Bentley, Market Manager, Dow AgroSciences Specialty Products. “The timing of gaining registration for this new product is excellent as it will replace the control of weeds in amenity grassland and non-crop land which was previously captured by TIMBREL – which is now on the final use-up phase of its registration. However, ICADE should not be used in and around forestry/woodland or airfield situations, as we have another product coming along to meet the needs of that particular market sector. ICADE is a huge step forward in technology, bringing excellent levels of control from a very small, yet powerful, amount of active ingredient. The product is unique to the industrial and amenity markets and ideal in situations where trees are not a concern. Research and real life user trials have shown that ICADE offers very good control of Japanese Knotweed which is particularly good news for anyone faced with controlling this pernicious weed.”

“What ICADE brings in terms of weed control is only a small fraction of the real benefits that the product brings. The real positives about ICADE is its formulation technology, which results in having virtually no odour and being a salt formulation there are no volatility issues. What this means is that operators can spray weeds with great confidence and there are no alarming smells that may cause concern for the general public and bystanders. In terms of performance it is rainfast in one hour (which is a real benefit over glyphosate) and has a wide window of application from March through to October. It also offers season-long weed control whilst being safe to grasses,” advises Robin.

The product is available in 1litre PET containers. PET containers have been chosen as¬ they utilise less hydrocarbons in their production and the design of the packs are much easier to rinse out than other types of plastics containers. Each pack has a ‘stewardship collar’ providing users with stewardship information to ensure good practice on the effective and safe use of the product. “This will also help to maintain the products registration for the future as well as helping contractors maintain and grow their knowledge of best practice when it comes to spraying ICADE,” explains Robim.

ICADE should be applied using a knapsack sprayer at a rate of 150-200mls in 10 litres of water, or a mounted sprayer at 2 – 4 litres per hectare. ICADE will be available through EVERRIS and RIGBY TAYLOR.

IMPORTANT – Please note that ICADE is not approved (and hence should not be used) in forestry, woodland and airfields.