Product information

ASTROKerb® is a contact and residual herbicide delivering control of blackgrass, poppy, mayweed and other grass and broad-leaved weeds in winter oilseed rape.

ASTROKerb gives excellent blackgrass control, the same as Kerb® Flo 500, both of which have No Known Resistance
  • controls fop/dim/den/ALS-inhibitor resistant blackgrass
  • controls ALS resistant poppies and mayweeds
  • gives you a clean start in the following cereal crop, minimising seed return
The combination also controls broad-leaved weeds with the unique design of aminopyralid
  • works when temperatures are cold
  • binds to cellulose of the broad-leaved weed 
  • active ingredient is not metabolized but released when the weed starts to grow
  • only binds to living cellulose tissue 
  • washes off trash
  • some root uptake before it breaks down harmlessly in the soil

ASTROKerb and oilseed rape straw

Do not bale or remove straw from the field unless it is to be used for burning for heat or electricity production.  The straw should be chopped and thoroughly incorporated after harvest.
Do not feed animals with treated straw, or use it for animal bedding, composting or mulching.









To optimise ASTROKerb’s performance, there are three areas to be considered – soil temperature, soil moisture and weed seed depth. Soil temperatures need to be cooling – around 10ºC and falling at 30 cm depth, meaning the herbicide is slower to breakdown and that longer persistence is achieved throughout the weed germination period. 

Good levels of soil moisture are needed to help the herbicide distribute evenly in the top few cms of the soil thus the soil moisture deficit should be less than 50mm and falling. Soils must not be waterlogged or saturated. Care must be taken to avoid any risk of contamination to water and importantly, all aspects of good Stewardship applied.

The propyzamide in ASTROKerb forms a shallow layer in the soil, about 2.5-5cm. Blackgrass germinating below this will be poorly controlled. High levels of control are achieved where less mixing of the soil takes place (direct drilling etc.). Avoid deep cultivations in a preceding winter wheat crop.

kerb astrokerb germination depth graphic


Decades of trials and wide field experience across the UK has demonstrated that using full-rate Kerb Flo 500 or ASTROKerb in November onwards gives the most reliable and most persistent control of black-grass year after year.  

Tank mixes, sequences and programmes

  • Wide range of fully supported tank mix partners
  • Centurion Max – do not tank mix – sequence only
  • Remember only 2 fop/dim applications can be made to an OSR crop. Consider a programmed approach with ASTROKerb to maximise volunteer cereal and other grass weed control.
  • Do not apply a three way mix of graminicide + fungicide + ASTROKerb
  • However use a programmed approach to free up a tank mix opportunity of ASTROKerb with a fungicide
  • Call Dow AgroSciences’ Hotline (0800 689 8899) for the latest on tank mix , sequences and programmes involving ASTROKerb