Product information

Belkar is a new post-emergence autumn applied herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape. Belkar provides superior control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including Cranesbill, Cleavers, Poppy, Shepherd’s Purse and Fumitory.

Belkar contains ARYLEXTM active, a new active ingredient for oilseed rape, together with the well-established active ingredient picloram. Belkar delivers robust and reliable control of key problem weeds in variable temperatures with a flexible window of application.

  • Alternative to pre-emergence herbicides; wait for the crop to establish
  • Adds a new level of flexibility to oilseed rape weed control programmes
  • Wide window of application to suit weather and workloads
  • Robust control of many competitive weed species including cleavers, cranesbill, poppy, fumitory and shepherd’s purse
  • Rainfast in 1 hour
  • No following crop restrictions in a normal crop rotation

When to apply Belkar

  • Can be applied as a single application from BBCH-12-14 at a rate of 0.25 L/ha
  • Can be applied as a sequential application at 0.25 L/ha (BBCH12-14), followed by a further 0.25 L/ha with a minimum interval of 2 weeks between applications
  • Can also be applied at a later stage from BBCH-16 to BBCH-18, before 1st January at a rate of 0.5 L/haBelkar application growth stages