Product information

Dakota® is the proven broad-leaved weedkiller with three active ingredients for punch in applications in all major cereals.

Dakota provides:

  • Broad spectrum broad-leaved control in the winter and spring cereals market;
    • Timing in Spring Cereals, mid-tillering
    • Timing in Winter Cereals, T1 up to GS37
  • Enhanced polygonums spectrum, mayweeds and thistles
  • Contains two Non-ALS actives
  • Controls SU resistant chickweed and mayweeds.

 Top Reasons to use Dakota 

1.  Broad spectrum broad-leaved weed control in Spring Cereals

  • Recommended dose rate 0.75 L/ha + partner (dicamba, HBN, mecoprop, SU)

2.  Enhanced polygonums spectrum, mayweeds and thistles

3.  Contains two Non-ALS actives

4.  Controls ALS resistant chickweed & mayweeds

5.  Offers rotational flexibility without the need to cultivate

6.  Can also be used in Winter Cereals

Spring advice Dakota

Spring Cereals Application Timing