Kerb Flo 500

Product information

Kerb® Flo 500 is the tried and tested herbicide for controlling resistant blackgrass and other grass and broad-leaved weeds in oilseed rape.  It still provides outstanding control with no reports of herbicide resistance anywhere in the world.

Kerb Flo 500 can be used in winter oilseed rape and winter field beans enabling the most effective use of a break crop in a combinable crop rotation.

Time of application

When targeting blackgrass in winter oilseed rape, soil temperatures at or below 10°C  at 30 cm depth are recommended to get sufficient activity from propyzamide. Good control is achieved when a lethal concentration is reached in the weed. This is a function of plant size, rate of growth and continuing availability of propyzamide (in the soil) for uptake.

Moisture is a key requirement for activity. Good levels of soil moisture are needed to help the herbicide distribute evenly in the top few cm of the soil, and the soil moisture deficit should be less than 50mm and falling. Soils must not be waterlogged or saturated and care must be taken to avoid any risk of contamination to water and importantly, all aspects of good Stewardship applied.

Depth of germination is an often overlooked factor. The propyzamide in Kerb Flo 500 forms a shallow layer in the soil, about 2.5-5cm. Blackgrass germinating below this will be poorly controlled. High levels of control are achieved where less mixing of the soil takes place (direct drilling etc.). Avoid deep cultivations in a preceding winter wheat crop.

kerb astrokerb germination depth graphic

Tank mixes, sequences and programmes

  • Wide range of fully supported tank mix partners
  • Centurion Max – do not tank mix – sequence only
  • Remember only 2 fop/dim applications can be made to an OSR crop. Consider a programmed approach with Kerb Flo 500 to maximise volunteer cereal and other grass weed control.
  • Do not apply a three way mix of graminicide + fungicide + Kerb Flo 500
  • However use a programmed approach to free up a tank mix opportunity of Kerb Flo 500 with a fungicide
  • Call Dow AgroSciences’ Hotline (0800 689 8899) for the latest on tank mix , sequences and programmes involving Kerb Flo 500
Blackgrass treatments timing graphic