Product information

Palio® for control of ryegrass, brome, oats and broad-leaved weeds.

How to make the most of  Palio

  1. For Ryegrass, Brome, Oats and Broad-leaved weeds control
  2. Use as part of a programme
  3. Use with a residual partner
  4. Apply to a small target weed (optimally 1-3 leaf)
  5. Apply to active growth (2-3 days either side of application)
  6. Soil temperature ideally 8°C (minimum of 6°C)
  7. Ensure optimal application techniques are followed:
    • Pre tillereing: 130-150 L/ha, FINE-MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, Defy nozzles
    • Tillering: 150 L/ha, MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, twin fluid nozzles
  • Cost-effective and efficacious control of bromes, ryegrass and wild oats
  • Wide range of broad-leaved weeds controlled including poppy, cleavers, brassica weeds, cranesbill, groundsel, speedwells, pansy and many more
  • Wide range of tank mix compatibilities
  • Approved and safe on all varieties of winter wheat
  • No carry-over concerns – short half-life = rotational and cultivation flexibility

Key considerations:

  • Active growth
  • Size of (grass) weeds
  • Mix with a residual?
    • less benefit beyond end of February
  • Attention to detail when spraying
  • Avoid stressed crops

Spring wheat approval

New for 2018 – on label approval for use in spring wheat

  • Includes all spring varieties irrespective of when they are sown
  • Application window March 1st GS21 up to May 31st GS32 of the crop
  • Max application rate 200 g/ha in spring wheat
  • One application per crop
  • Apply with an adjuvant
  • Wide range of broad-leaved weeds controlled
  • Control of wild oats up to GS32 of wild oats
  • No tank mixing (except adjuvant)
  • No ALS sequences in 2018 (work in progress)
  • Avoid spraying stressed crops