Product information

Palio® for control of ryegrass, brome, oats and broad-leaved weeds.

Why use Palio in winter wheat this spring?

Palio delivers an outstanding performance in winter wheat against yield robbing grassweeds including wild oats, ryegrasses and bromes PLUS the bonus of controlling an extensive range of broad-leaved weeds.

  • Cost-effective and efficacious control of bromes, ryegrass and wild oats
  • Wide range of broad-leaved weeds controlled including poppy, cleavers, brassica weeds, cranesbill, groundsel, speedwells, pansy and many more
  • Wide range of tank mix compatibilities
  • Approved and safe on all varieties of winter wheat
  • No carry-over concerns – short half-life = rotational and cultivation flexibility

Key considerations:

  • Active growth
  • Size of (grass) weeds
  • Mix with a residual?
    • less benefit beyond end of February
  • Attention to detail when spraying
  • Avoid stressed crops

Spring wheat approval

New for 2018 – on label approval for use in spring wheat

  • Includes all spring varieties irrespective of when they are sown
  • Application window March 1st GS21 up to May 31st GS32 of the crop
  • Max application rate 200 g/ha in spring wheat
  • One application per crop
  • Apply with an adjuvant
  • Wide range of broad-leaved weeds controlled
  • Control of wild oats up to GS32 of wild oats
  • No tank mixing (except adjuvant)
  • No ALS sequences in 2018 (work in progress)
  • Avoid spraying stressed crops

How to make the most of  Palio

  1. Leading product for Ryegrass, Brome, Oats and Broad-leaved weeds
  2. Use as part of a programme
  3. Use with a residual partner
  4. Apply to a small target weed (optimally 1-3 leaf)
  5. Apply to active growth (2-3 days either side of application)
  6. Soil temperature ideally 8°C (minimum of 6°C)
  7. Ensure optimal application techniques are followed:
    • Pre tillereing: 130-150 L/ha, FINE-MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, Defy nozzles
    • Tillering: 150 L/ha, MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, twin fluid nozzles