Product information

Palio® for control of ryegrass, brome, oats and broad-leaved weeds.

Grassweed control in winter wheat

Palio delivers an outstanding performance in winter wheat against yield robbing grassweeds including wild oats, ryegrasses and bromes PLUS the bonus of controlling an extensive range of broad-leaved weeds.

  • Ryegrass up to GS29
  • Brome up to GS24
  • Wild Oats up to GS29
  • Broad-leaved weeds

Used in a herbicide programme based on a pre-emergence residual, Palio often delivers all the weed control you need for success.

With contact and residual activity from pyroxsulam and florasulam, Palio will protect yield and help in the fight against resistance.

  • No following crop penalties
  • Tank mix ability

How to make the most of  Palio

  1. Leading product for Ryegrass, Brome, Oats and Broad-leaved weeds
  2. Use as part of a programme
  3. Use with a residual partner
  4. Apply to a small target weed (optimally 1-3 leaf)
  5. Apply to active growth (2-3 days either side of application)
  6. Soil temperature ideally 8°C (minimum of 6°C)
  7. Ensure optimal application techniques are followed:
    • Pre tillereing: 130-150 L/ha, FINE-MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, Defy nozzles
    • Tillering: 150 L/ha, MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, twin fluid nozzles