Pas·Tor Agronomy Pack

Product information

Use the Pas·Tor Agronomy Pack because:

  • It delivers long-lasting perennial weed control in one convenient box
  • Excellent Dock control
  • Excellent Thistle control
  • Excellent Nettle control
  • Pas and Tor are translocated to the roots ensuring long-term control
  • Pas·Tor Agronomy Pack does not hold back grass growth after application

Pas and Tor are physically compatible and can be applied as a convenience tank mix when each is mixed together at 1.0 L/ha to get a wide spectrum grassland herbicide giving excellent control of docks, thistles and nettles.

Use Pas·Tor in silage fields, hay meadows and grazing pastures, for significant benefits in both yield and forage palatability.

For best results apply when weeds are actively growing and have reached the optimum growth stage. It’s common that weeds emerge at different times and different plants can be at different growth stages. In this scenario Dow AgroSciences recommend topping to even up growth of targets and applying Pas·Tor to the re-growth 2 – 3 weeks later.

Stock grazing can resume 7 days after application.  This may need to be longer if foliage of poisonous weeds is present.

Clover can be stitched in 6 weeks after application of Pas·Tor, grass seed can be stitched 4 weeks after application.

Allow an interval of minimum 21 days, ideally 28 days before cutting for silage or hay.

Pas·Tor is for use in established grassland over 12 months old. For weed control in new sown leys under 12 months use Leystar or Envy.

Pas·Tor can be applied via a vehicle mounted spray boom, including a spray boom mounted on a quad bike / ATV. For spot treatment of weeds use Grazon Pro.

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