Pixxaro EC

Product information

PixxaroEC is a new herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in winter and spring cereals, based on innovative chemistry. It is the first molecule in over 20 years to be launched in the UK to provide a new level of dependable and flexible weed control from spring applications to all cereals. Pixxaro EC is based on the innovative active ingredient Arylex™ Active (halauxifen-methyl) developed by Dow AgroSciences and registered in the UK in 2015. The new product also contains fluroxypyr, the tried and trusted active substance in Starane®.

Pixxaro EC  is a spring applied wide spectrum broad-leaved weed herbicide, giving reliable control across a range of weather conditions. Pixxaro EC provides robust control on key driver weeds such as poppy, fumitory, fat hen, cranesbill, cleavers and chickweed with greater flexibility on timing.

Why Use Pixxaro EC?

  • Robust broad leaved weed control across a wide range of temperature regimes and growth patterns
    • Giving you greater flexibility on the timing of spring BLW control
  • Excellent control of a wide range of broad leaved weeds in winter and spring cereals – superior activity compared to sulfonyl-urea products on:
    • Dead nettles, fumitory, fat hen, cleavers, volunteer beans
    • ALS resistant chickweed, poppy
  • Non ALS chemistry = no restrictions = flexibility
  • Excellent crop selectivity in winter and spring cereals
  • No rotational restrictions
  • No cultivations required before sowing most crops
  • No restrictions on straw use or management
  • Excellent multiway compatibility including:
    • ACCase graminicides, ALS graminicides, PGRs, fungicides and trace elements

Pixxaro EC programmes winter cereals


Pixxaro EC programmes spring cereals