Reldan 22

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RELDAN® 22 is a broad-spectrum insecticide for control of insects and mites that infest grain and grain stores. It controls all major pests of stored grain including saw-toothed grain beetle, rust red grain beetle, foreign grain beetle, rust red flour beetle, confused flour beetle, merchant grain beetle, Indian meal moth, warehouse moth, mediterranean flour moth, grain weevil, rice weevil, copra mite, common flour mite and cosmopolitan food mite.

Reldan works by contact, ingestion and fumigant action to achieve fast knockdown and long-term control. It can be used for pre-harvest hygiene of grain stores, as well as on stored grain. In the UK, up to 10% of grain yield can be lost to mite and other insect pest damage after harvest. Damage to stored crops includes loss in weight, reduced nutritional value, and lower value due to tainting and insect fragments.

To help prevent these losses, grain stores should be thoroughly cleaned out and treated with RELDAN 22 acaricide and insecticide before harvest. When applied to grain stores, there is no with-holding period for any grains subsequently stored in those premises.


  • Works by contact, ingestion and fumigant activity


  • Can be used as a pre-harvest grain store treatment or directly onto cereal grain as a protectant admixture.
  • No witholding period for grain store applications.
  • Apply 4 weeks before grain filling begins
    • For stores intended for oilseed rape: if the store is metal bins allow 4 weeks minimum before loading with oilseed rape. If concrete, this can be reduced to 1 day, but ideally leave 4 weeks between treatment and filing, to allow treatment to work.


  • A single pre-harvest grain store application offers 6 months protection