Product information

Trezac is a new broad-leaved weed herbicide for cereals, based on ARYLEXTM active together with aminopyralid.

Trezac can be used in winter cereals (wheat, spelt, barley, rye and triticale, and spring cereals (wheat, durum wheat, and barley), including crops grown for seed, milling and malting.

Why use Trezac?

  • Provides broad spectrum weed control irrespective of the weather or weed growth pattern – if you can travel it will work
  • Market leading control of poppy
  • Control of ALS / SU resistant poppy
  • No cultivations required before sowing most crops
  • Contains two non-ALS mode of actions

Straw Management

  • Trezac must not be used on cereal crops where the straw is intended for animal feed, fodder or bedding. Nor for composting or mulching.
  • Trezac must only be used on cereal crops where the straw is to be incorporated back into the soil and will not leave the farm.


  • Agronomy software will alert to straw restriction
  • Label clearly states no straw removal
  • Trezac Stewardship app available for: