Product information

UNITE® is the widest spectrum graminicide in the UK  and the product of choice for farmers who, in addition to controlling blackgrass, desire rotational crop flexibility and extensive broad-leaved weed control, including cleavers, charlock, pansy, speedwell, cranesbill, groundsel, volunteer beans and brassica weeds. UNITE also has an extensive spectrum of grassweeds.

Flexibility is key to UNITE, it can be used as part of a stacked herbicide approach, enabling you to tailor treatments to specific weed challenges.

  • Blackgrass control up to GS24
    • Dose rate 270 g/ha
  • Robust Cleaver Control & wide spectrum of broad-leaved weeds
  • Excellent early season brome control
  • Most flexible option for reduced tillage OSR establishment
  • Better blackgrass control through the crop rotation
  • Outstanding tank mix compatibility (physical and biological)

Blackgrass control with UNITE

The most effective control will be achieved by integration of cultural control methods with a herbicide programme.  Plan your cultivation strategy at an individual field level to maximise control of blackgrass. The use of ploughing, stale seedbeds, delayed drilling, spring cropping, increased seed rates and competitive varieties can all contribute to the reduction of a blackgrass population, especially where there are resistance issues. 

How to optimise grasweed efficacy with UNITE

  1. Ensure all appropriate cultural techniques and a residual proagramme are undertaken
  2. Must be used in a programme
    • Blackgrass: minimum of 240g ai/ha flufenacet +/- additional stack
    • Ryegrass: minimum of 3200g ai/ha prosulfocarb
    • Brome: minimum of 2000g ai/ha pendimethalin
  3. Apply to as small a target weed as possible – optimally 1-3 leaf
  4. Apply during a period of active growth – 2-3 days active growth either side of the application
  5. Soil temperature ideally 8°C (minimum of 6°C)
  6. Ensure optimal application techniques are followed:
    • Pre tillereing: 130-150 L/ha, FINE-MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, Defy nozzles
    • Tillering: 150 L/ha, MEDIUM spray quality, CFF, VPFF, twin fluid nozzles

UNITE: autumn applications