Product information

ZyparTM is a new herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in winter cereals (wheat, durum wheat, spelt, barley, rye and triticale) and spring cereals (wheat, durum wheat, barley and rye).

Zypar is a combination of the new active ingredient ARYLEXTM active together with the well established active ingredient florasulam. Regardless of weather conditions, Zypar sets the industry bench mark for consistent, robust control of your most competitive weeds including cranesbill, mayweed, groundsel, poppy, fumitory, fat hen, charlock, cleavers and chickweed – whatever the weather!

  • Provides broad spectrum weed control irrespective of the weather or weed growth pattern – if you can travel it will work
  • No following crop restrictions
  • No cultivations required before sowing most crops
  • Robust weed control: brassica weeds, chickweed, cleavers, fumitory, fat hen, dead nettle, mayweeds, poppy and cranesbill
  • Excellent multiway compatibility including: ACCase graminicides, ALS graminicides, PGRs, fungicides and trace elements

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