Later window encourages Dow Shield 400 usage in game cover crops

RP Game Cover Oct 009Until last year Dow Shield 400 (clopyralid) had an EAMU for game cover crops, but it had a cut-off date of the end of May, which was far too early for any practical use. Most game cover crops are drilled in April or May and so will be treated for weeds in May or June. This contact herbicide now has an extended window to the end of July in the year of application, so its use will be a lot more practical for those who want to create a better game cover.


Dow Shield controls key competitive weeds in maize

Maize at 5 leaf stageWith the development of maize varieties that suit our climate and the need for another break crop, maize has increased its area with close to 200,000 hectares anticipated this year.

Dow Shield 400 was granted a full label recommendation for forage maize in 2012 and is a very useful product to control high biomass, highly competitive weeds such as sow-thistle, mayweeds, groundsel and corn marigold.

Spring Cereal Weed Control Options

Cleavers in wheat 5With temperature conditions once again turning colder this spring, our fluroxypyr and florasulam co-forms, Spitfire® and Starane® XL, continue to offer the most robust and consistent control of the most economically damaging broad-leaved weeds.

Arable Update – May 2016

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Broadleaved weed control in cereals

N-Lock Nitrogen Stabiliser – the year so far

Dow Shield celebrates 40 years!

Reldan 22 for controlling mites and pests in grain stores

Global Arylex website launched

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