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May 2017: the month in photos

May in photos from our team in the field.May 2017

Know an arable innovator worthy of recognition? Nominate them now!

Dow AgroSciences are proud to be sponsoring the Arable Innovator Award at this year’s British Farming Awards.

For the past few years, these awards have recognised many innovators, forward thinkers and those willing to challenge the norm of “we’ve always done it that way”.

We are well known for our strengths in providing solutions for UK agriculture but in the past few years we have really picked up the pace in our offering. Arylex™ Active was the first in a strong pipeline of new chemistry designed to solve problems for farmers and behind it we have two further molecules, Isoclast™ Active, an insecticide and Inatreq™ Active, a fungicide.

Have you:

  • Reworked your rotation to boost the resilience of your arable business?
  • Adopted new approaches to crop establishment, agronomy, harvesting or storage or pushing your yields to new levels?

Maybe you have come up with new ways of marketing your crops or identified new markets to limit the negative impacts of commodity price fluctuations?

Are you or someone you know innovative? Pushing the boundaries in arable farming? If so, entries and nominations are now open! Nominate someone, or yourself, here.

The British Farming Awards want to hear your story.

Entering the award is free and all shortlisted entrants will receive two complementary invites to the awards night.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

North weed control update: Come rain or shine, don’t ignore late-season weed control

Farmers in Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire should not ignore their spring clean up of broad-leaved weeds despite challenging conditions across the counties. Late May is typically the last opportunity to take out key problem weeds while fungicides are applied to tackle any disease pressures. A very dry April across the three counties has slowed crop growth and patchy rain is now reducing the number of spraying days available. Winter wheat crops are looking thin in places,” said Caroline Smith, commercial technical manager for the north at Dow AgroSciences.

Grassland Agronomy Update – May 2017





Welcome to the Grassland Agronomy Update from Dow AgroSciences.


  • Target docks after silage
  • Leystar on maize
  • Spray thistles in May/June
  • Dose rates and perennial weeds
  • Spot treat with GrazonPro
  • Right time to spray buttercups
  • Use the Grassland APP for 24/7 support
  • FAQs
  • Dow AgroSciences show calendar