On your marks, Get set… Go with Kerb or AstroKerb

After the 1st of October, theoretically you can start applications of propyzamide (such as Kerb Flo 500 and ASTROKerb) in oilseed rape according to their labels, but practically this active ingredient with residual activity, should only be applied when conditions are correct to optimize its performance. For that you need to wait until the soil temperature has gone below 10°C and is still falling and soil moisture is sufficient.

Kerb Weather Data service

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Arable Update – October 2018

Arable Update

In this Edition

  •  Autumn residuals essential to get the best from and protect spring herbicides
  • Kerb Weather Data Tool

Autumn dock control

docksAutumn is a good time to control established docks, which having deep roots, survived the dry summer and are now looking very healthy.

Keep new-sown leys clear of weeds for maximum grass yields next spring

Weeds in young grass leyMaking sure new-sown leys are kept weed-free this autumn will pay dividends next spring, as it will allow grass to grow to its full potential for grazing and cutting.