Grassland Agronomy Update – May 2017





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  • Target docks after silage
  • Leystar on maize
  • Spray thistles in May/June
  • Dose rates and perennial weeds
  • Spot treat with GrazonPro
  • Right time to spray buttercups
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East weed control update: come rain or shine, don’t ignore late-season weed control

Farmers in Eastern England should spring clean their fields of broad-leaved weeds despite dry conditions posing challenges for cereals growers. Late May is typically the last opportunity to take out key problem weeds while fungicides are applied to tackle any disease pressures.  But one of the driest Aprils on record is slowing progress for some of the region’s cereal growers. “The lack of rain has led to thin crops of winter wheat,” said Rob Suckling, commercial technical manager at Dow AgroSciences.

Arable Update – May 2017

In this Edition

  • Spring weather …
  • Tee up your T2s: Cleaver priority
  • Weed control in spring cereals
  • Dow Shield 400 controlling weeds in sugar beet

April 2017: the month in photos

April in photos from our team in the field.

Update on weed control in spring cereals

As usual the wonderful UK weather has been predictably un-predictable this spring!

Following on from the on-going success of Zypar, combating broad leaved weeds in challenging conditions in winter cereals, our attention now turns to spring cereals. Despite the dry conditions many weeds are busting through such as black bindweed, cleavers, poppy, fumitory and fat hen.