Arylex Discovery Videos

Arylex Active video imageWatch our two new videos to learn more about the discovery and attributes of Arylex™ active, the first from a new class of synthetic auxin herbicides.

The Month in Photos: January 2016

January in photos from our team out in the field.Month in photos - January16

Our Grassland Weed App is now available

Introducing the new Dow AgroSciences’ Grassland Weed App.

An easy to use tool to help get a fix on cost of weeds in grassland and identify solutions for their removal.

Grandfather rights and grassland sprays

After 26th November 2015, all sprayer operators applying professional use pesticides will need to have a Specified Certificate, previously known as a Certificate of Competence.100_0984

Dow AgroSciences reveals plans to launch new cereal fungicide

Cereal Market to Benefit from Unique New ChemistryInatreq Active Logo - long Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company,revealed more details today about its plans to launch an innovative new fungicide to control key diseases in cereal crops. Inatreq™ (pronounced “INNA-trek”) active, a product derived from naturally occurring material with outstanding performance, represents a new market opportunity for Dow AgroSciences, with expected annual sales to exceed $200 million at maturity.
Dow AgroSciences is seeking to register Inatreq for use in all major cereal fungicide countries including the UK and Ireland. Currently in the development process, initial Inatreq registrations are anticipated in 2018.