Grassland and Maize Agronomy Update – September 2018

Grassland & Maize newsletter


  • Autumn weed control
  • Buttercup control in autumn
  • Dock control in autumn
  • Low drift nozzles
  • New sown leys – Envy
  • Spray certification
  • Maize silage inoculants
  • Grassland app – new features
  • Anticipated label changes to Forefront T
  • Level 2 Award Safe Use of Pesticides Replacing Grandfather Rights
  • Grassland BASIS
  • FAQs

Delay spraying weeds in grass fields suffering from drought

While perennial grassland weeds such as docks, thistles and ragwort may be clearly visible above slow-growing grass due to dry weather, now is not the time to spray them with herbicide.

Reflecting on cereal broad-leaved weed control: a grower’s perspective

Paul Drinkwater from Abbott’s Ripton Estate, Huntingdon, reflects broad-leaved weed control in cereals crops

AstroKerb and Straw Reminder

harvester in OSR A quick reminder putting some context behind the label statements for herbicides containing aminopyralid such as ASTROKerb®

Grassland and Maize Agronomy Update – July 2018

Grassland & Maize newsletter


  • Thistles in established grass
  • ‘Fire brigade’ treatments
  • Invasive weeds
  • Rejuvenation with Forefront T
  • Forefront T Stewardship via the app
  • Paddocks
  • The Decision Tree tool on the app
  • New grass leys
  • FAQs
  • Grassland shows calendar