Spring Cereal Weed Control Options

With temperature conditions once again turning colder this spring, our fluroxypyr and florasulam co-forms, Spitfire® and Starane® XL, continue to offer the most robust and consistent control of the most economically damaging broad-leaved weeds.

The table below highlights the spectrum of Spitfire and Starane XL with suitable tank mix partners to complete the spectrum following an application of Liberator at 0.3 L/ha.

The two tank mix partners represent two options in spring cereals

  1. The opportunity to use two ALS broad-leaved weed partners due to no ALS graminicide
  2. A non ALS tank mix partner has no following crop restrictions – this is particularly important in the east where early establishment of winter OSR (August drilling) is one of the best cultural controls for CSFB.
Complimentary weed spectrums Liberator
0.3 L/ha
1 L/ha
Starane XL
1.5 L/ha
High Load Mircam Tribenuron
Black bindweed 6 leaf 6 leaf S MS
Black nightshade 6 leaf 4 leaf
Charlock S < flower buds 200 mm S S
Chickweed S flowering flowering S S
Cleavers < flowering 250 mm S T
Common speedwell S MS MS
Cut-leaved cranesbill S MS
Fat-hen T 4 leaf S MS
Fumitory MS 4 leaf S S
Groundsel S 50 mm 50 mm S MS
Hemp nettle 6 leaf 6 leaf T MS
Knotgrass 3 leaf 6 leaf S MS
Mayweeds S < flowering 200 mm S S
Pansy S T MS
Poppy 100 mm* 100 mm* MS S
Red deadnettle S 2 leaf 2 leaf T MS
Redshank MS MS S S
Shepherd’s purse S 100 mm 80 mm S S
Thistle (creeping, from seed) MS 2 TL S S
Vol beans 8 leaf 8 leaf S S
Vol OSR S < flower buds 100 mm S S
Weed beet 6 leaf 4 leaf

*=requires MSO

Additional benefits

  1. Excellent tank mixes
  2. Controls ALS resistant poppies and chickweeds
  3. No following crop restrictions
  4. Maintains control in cool conditions


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