Over many years, Dow AgroSciences has developed an industry leading reputation for stewardship. This includes systems and advice to ensure the correct targeting and treatment of weeds, pests and diseases – treating those populations of weeds, pests and diseases that need it at the right time with the right product. In addition, Dow AgroSciences plays a full part in industry stewardship campaigns such as the Voluntary Initiative to ensure that undesirable side effects from product use are minimised and product uses are retained for the future.

Some examples of Dow AgroSciences stewardship activity:

  • Pest identification charts
  • Risk assessment charts to identify fields at risk from different pests
  • Pestwatch bulletins to inform the market of population risks and spray timing
  • Competitive weed calculator to help identify weeds in cereals that really impact yield
  • Kerb Weather data which gives weekly updates based on climatic conditions as to the best time to spray oilseed rape for blackgrass control 

Effective stewardship is a major platform of the Dow AgroSciences business to ensure that our products are only used when necessary and any undesirable effects of spraying are minimised.