Approved ALS joint applications


For Gartrel please see label.

A joint application is the use of a product in tank mixture or sequence with another product.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Joint applications should only be made within the label recommendations of every product in the application.

Only one other product with an ALS inhibitor mode of action may be applied to a cereal crop treated with any products listed above.  However a further application of this product or another product containing florasulam may also be  made providing the maximum total dose of florasulam is not exceeded.1

Products listed above may be applied in joint application to the same cereal crop with one of the following ALS products1:

Absolute Alias Alias SX Ally Express Ally Max SX Ally SX
Answer SX Atlantis WG Avro SX Biplay SX Broadway Star1 Broadway Sunrise
Bullion Calibre SX Chimera SX Cleancrop Mondial Concert SX Dakota1
Ductis SX Excalibur Exceed SX Finish SX Galaxy1 GF-1841
Gropper SX Harmony M SX Harmony SX Hatra Hiker1 Horus
Hunter1 Hussar Inka SX Jubilee SX Klaxon Lancer
Lexus Class Lexus Millenium Lexus SX Lorate mesosulfuron-methyl + iodosulfuron-methyl sodium + diflufenican (MAPP 16149) Mozaic SX
Octavian Oklar SX Oriel 50SX Othello Pacifica Parana
Pennant Pinnacle Presite SX Quantum SX Ratio SX Refine Max SX
Seduce Simba SX Slalom1 Spitfire1 Staka SX Starane Gold1
Starane Vantage1 Starane XL1 Taxi Thor Traton SX Triad

1 The maximum total dose of florasulam applied to the crop must not exceed 7.5 g.  For autumn planted crops a maximum total dose of 3.75 g of florasulam must be observed for application made between crop emergence in the year of planting and February 1st in the year of harvest.

For more information see our Topic Sheet – Cereal Herbicide ALS Options.



Updated:   February 2015