New PET packaging from Dow makes sprayer operator’s job easier and simpler 

Grassland Bottles

New packaging, using PET material, is being launched by Dow AgroSciences to offer operators improved ease of use and simpler washing whilst delivering environmental benefits thanks to reduced weight and easier disposal.

The new PET (polyethylene terrephthallate) based packaging is the latest innovation from the company’s packaging team which looks to meet the needs of users and the environment. It will be used for a range of Dow AgroSciences products supplied in liquid form, including DoxstarPro, Spitfire and Starane XL.

Spitfire Bottle

For sprayer operators, the first obvious difference is the transparency of the new grey shaded material, allowing the contents to be seen at a glance. The new cap has been ergonomically designed for ease of opening, even when wearing protective gloves. In addition, there is no foil seal which reduces the risk of spillage in the handling areas and speeds up filling.

The cylindrical shape with central opening makes for easy pouring and reduces the risk of ‘glugging’.

What is not apparent, without the help of an electron microscope, is the smoothness of the inner surface. This means any chemical residue left in the bottle is rinsed out far more easily – again making life easier for sprayer operators. Finally, with cap and bottle being made of the same material, there is no need to hold separate stocks for disposal.

packaging surface

Despite its glass-like appearance, the material is really tough and described as ‘virtually unbreakable’. Yet on a like-for-like basis, the new packs will weigh up to 50% less than previous HDPE packaging. In addition, the outer cartons will be produced from 85% recycled cardboard. This means a reduced environmental impact in terms of CO2 equivalent emissions.