Take early opportunities to tackle grassweeds

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Dow AgroSciences says that some English counties have seen dry weather and double-digit air temperatures in February. Warmer soils spark active growth in weeds which is the perfect time to strike with an early application of a broad-spectrum grassweed product such as Broadway Star. Dow’s regional business manager, Tom Chillcott, says that growers should take the chance to tackle grassweeds early if conditions allow.

“Mild weather has led to bromes, ryegrass and blackgrass populations becoming well advanced in many fields,” he said. “The advice is to take out any competitive weeds early to avoid a yield penalty, but getting on early also saves growers time as the busy spring spraying season gets underway.”

Mr Chilcott said that choosing the right product to tackle the grassweed populations that are present is a fundamental decision. Broadway Star, which utilises the two actives pyroxsulam and florasulam, has a well-established reputation for controlling brome, ryegrass and wild oats. Growers get the added bonus of control of broad-leaved weeds including cleavers and cranesbill.

“Temperature is the key area to monitor. Ideally before and after spraying you need four days where air temp is above 7ºC. “For the most effective control it is also worth making ensuring attention to detail when it comes to actually using the product.”

Mr Chilcott advises:

Time your application

Make sure the grass weeds are not too big. For brome this is four tillers – beyond this size control can be compromised. A dry leaf and conditions for active growth are necessary for good control. Broadway Star should be applied to healthy crops, not to crops that are stressed by a lack of nutrient or waterlogging.

Add a tank mix partner

Dow AgroSciences has carried out testing on Broadway Star with a number of T0 fungicides, and has a range of mix partners. See here for a full list. Broadway Star is contact acting herbicide and for that reason grass weeds that germinate after the application will not be controlled.

Always use an adjuvant – see here for a list of recommended products.

Use good spraying techniques

Ensure good mixing by decanting the product steadily into the sprayer/induction bowl thus avoiding ‘lumps’ of product forming. Use a conventional flat fan, variable pressure flat fan or twin fluid nozzles. Apply in 130-150l/ha using a fine to medium spray quality. Ensure the boom height is correct and choose an appropriate forward speed.

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