Tank mix information

These tank mix information sheets provide information in addition to what appears on product labels. Dow AgroSciences supports the safety and efficacy of its products for tank mixes shown as Physically and Biologically Compatible, but does not warrant the efficacy of other tank mix partners.

Where only physical compatibility or sprayable with continuous agitation is shown, Dow AgroSciences has no biological data regarding efficacy or crop safety and only supports the compatibility, so growers use these mixes at their own risk.

For tank mixes of more than two products which are not specifically listed, only what is known about the products when in 2 way mix is shown, users must make their own judgment about the more complicated mixes which they may choose to use at their own risk. Similarly, a number of products are shown which have been replaced by more recent formulations for which tests have not been carried out. However the information is included for the user to draw their own conclusions.

These summaries do not give guidance on ALS sequencing. It is the users responsibility to check the latest regulatory position. Please call the Dow AgroSciences Technical Hotline on 0800 689 8899 for further assistance or email ukhotline@dow.com