Time is right for Broadway Star and Unite applications

spraying Unite on wheatDue to the very mild winter, early ingression of disease has been prevalent in many areas including mildew and yellow rust. Therefore, maximising timeliness of applications of both graminicides & fungicides is paramount. Broadway Star or Unite offer market-leading control for brome, ryegrass & wild oats, plus robust blackgrass control in the case of Unite,  they do so whilst offering you the greatest flexibility to tank mix fungicides (including chlorothalonil) with this application to best control early diseases.

Broadway Star or Unite will also control many broad-leaved weeds present that can come through a robust pre-emergence programme such as volunteer beans, OSR, and cleavers. To achieve the best results from Broadway Star or Unite,  soils at 10cm ideally need to be above 8°C. It is important that grassweeds are actively growing, and spraying best practice is followed e.g. correct boom height, nozzle selection and forward speed.