Update on weed control in spring cereals

 As usual the wonderful UK weather has been predictably un-predictable this spring!


Following on from the on-going success of Zypar, combating broad leaved weeds in challenging conditions in winter cereals, our attention now turns to spring cereals. Despite the dry conditions many weeds are busting through such as black bindweed, cleavers, poppy, fumitory and fat hen.

Zypar offers a great solution spring cereals for the following reasons:

  1. Controls key weeds including chickweed, bindweed, fat hen, fumitory and poppy despite tough conditions and also control of ALS resistant poppy and chickweed
  2. No carry over concerns – the unique combination of actives mean you can follow with sensitive crops without the worry of carry over
  3. Outstanding crop safety in spring barley, wheat and rye

Fully supported and mix compatible with other inputs including AxialTM, fungicides, PGRs and trace elements (click here for tank mixes).

Our new tech sheet has more information and of course our ever helpful hotline UKHOTLINE@dow.com or 0800 689 8899 is on hand to provide advice and support.