Forefront T Demonstration

Looking at control of a natural population of docks and buttercups using ForeFront T in comparison to straight Fluroxypyr at 2.0l/ha in Lancashire.

Maximising Pixxaro in your T2 tank mix

Introducing Zypar – Flexible broad-leaved weed control

The benefits of Zypar

Why use Zypar?

Applying Zypar to spring cereals

How does Zypar control cranesbill?

Zypar in spring applications

Using Zypar at T2

Zypar – No ALS resistance

Introducing Pixxaro EC

Pixxaro EC – All your questions answered

Effective application of Pixxaro EC at T2

Following crop options for Pixxaro EC

How does ArylexTM Active work?

How to apply ArylexTM Active

Product options for ArylexTM Active

Development of Modern Cereal Herbicides

Optimising Broadway Star applications

In the field with ArylexTM Active

Spraying grassland with low water volumes

Know your brome – identification masterclass

ArylexTM Active versus metsulfuron – speed of kill

Introducing ArylexTM Active at the UK Cereals event

 Grassweed rotational trial – autumn update


Grassweed rotational trial



UNITE – Benefits and how to get the best blackgrass control in the spring



Starane Hi-Load HL

UNITE for blackgrass control in the autumn

How to use UNITE in the autumn to control blackgrass in winter wheat.

UNITE in the field controlling blackgrass and volunteer beans

Controlling blackgrass and volunteer beans on farm in winter wheat with UNITE.

Galera – Timing applications

An overview of the latest timing for a Galera treatment in the spring to control cleavers, thistles and mayweeds in oilseed rape

UNITE – Looking at symptoms of dying blackgrass from a treatment of UNITE in the autumn

UNITE – blackgrass control and the benefits in a rotation

Kerb Flo 500 – The effects of Kerb Flo 500 on blackgrass, what to look for in the field

Broadway Sunrise – Excellent blackgrass control in winter wheat

Excellent blackgrass and broad-leaved weed control with Broadway Sunrise.