Weed Control Advice for the South West

Keep your eyes on the ground, growers told

Some south-west growers will also be seeking to solve the problem of controlling chickweed which has developed resistance to the ALS class of chemistry. “We are seeing more cases of chickweed which has developed resistance to traditional chemistry and farmers will need to think about their control strategies if they want to clear up their fields,” Tom added.

Dow AgroSciences has recently introduced two new broad-leaved weed herbicides which growers in the south west are getting their first full season with. This follows more than a decade with no new chemistry being introduced for farmers to control these problem weeds in cereal crops. Pixxaro EC was launched last spring, while Zypar only hit the market in March 2017.

Both are based on Dow’s new molecule, Arylex Active, which is expected to make a huge impact in the region due to its ability to target the spectrum of weeds that the south-west’s growers struggle with.

Tom said: “We see Pixxaro and Zypar being really popular across the region because it works in cold or variable weather conditions and is a new mode of action which will help in the fight to overcome resistance in mayweed.

“Those who got their hands on Pixxaro last year saw some great results on cleavers, groundsell, cranesbill and fumitory. Zypar is brand new and growers in the south west are among the first in the country to try it out. It is just arriving on farms now to go in the sprayer with the first fungicide sprays now.”

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