Zypar™ containing Arylex™ Active receives commercial registration in Denmark

After the registration of Pixxaro EC™ in Denmark in February, a second product containing the breakthrough ingredient Arylex™Active has been registered in Denmark. Zypar, which also contains Florasulam, has been approved for the control of broad-leaved weeds in winter- wheat, rye and triticale and in spring- barley and wheat. Setting a new standard for weed control in cereals in Spring, Zypar offers a wide spray window and has proven effective in all temperatures. Zypar’s flexibility can ensure a more efficient spraying programme in addition to offering more spraying hours.

Zypar works across a wide range of weeds including Chamomile, Cleavers and Volunteer Oilseed Rape in addition to traditionally difficult to control species such as Cranesbill, Poppies and Fumitory.