Zypar – flexible broad-leaved weed control

ZyparTM is a new herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in winter and spring cereals.

A co-formulation of our longstanding active florasulam – used in Spitfire™ – and Arylex™ Active which was introduced to the market in Pixxaro™ EC last year, Zypar provides effective control in cold and variable temperatures, a key benefit to UK growers. If you can travel, you can apply Zypar.

The real benefits are that it is contact-acting herbicide and can be applied from early growth stages through to growth stage 45 in all winter and spring cereals except oats. It has outstanding control of key problem weeds such as cleavers, poppies, cranesbill, fumitory, fat hen, chickweed, brassicas and mayweeds. Used in the autumn, Zypar has the added bonus of being able to take out volunteer beans and manage high populations of cleavers, poppies and cranesbill before they start to seriously compete with crops and cause a yield penalty.

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